MCI – a global brand

Robin Lokerman Group President

MCI was founded in 1987 in Geneva, Switzerland as a logistics-driven agency; managing congresses, enhancing meetings and creating innovative events.

Two years later we opened a Professional Congress Organisation (PCO) entity. In 2003, we became one of the first Association Management Services (AMC) companies outside of the United States.

We began acquiring new offices and brands around the world to transform us from a logistics company to a creative agency.

We increased the value we bring to our clients by developing global business units dedicated to healthcare, information and communication technology, finance, sport, FMCG, energy and sustainability. We also stress the importance of Return on Investment measurement and management, highlighting our results-driven approach.

Today, MCI operates in 31 countries worldwide, spanning Asia-Pacific, the Americas, Europe, India, the Middle East and Africa. Our area of expertise, the strategic engagement and activation of audiences, is driving a shift in the industry towards a strategic partnership model.

MCI Key Milestones

Number of
MCI Talents
4 1987

MCI is founded with the vision of creating strong connections between real people, in real places, in real time.

106 1999

Introduction of Performance Improvement Programmes, deepening MCI’s expertise in building community.

223 2003

Acquisition of GIC, expanding MCI’s expertise to include Association Management & Consulting; broadening MCI’s capabilities encompassing strategy, creativity and logistics.

492 2006

Merger with Dorier, strengthening MCI’s Creative & Staging Production solutions across Europe.

663 2007

Acquisition of Ovation, expanding MCI’s global destination management (DMC) services to over 13 countries.

1,116 2011

Introducing new services in areas of content capture, hybrid events and community management technologies.

1,452 2013

Further reinforcing MCI’s creative and consulting services in Asia-Pacific and Americas region.

1,812 2015

MCI further focuses on digital and technical services and expands in the US with Coulter Companies merger.

1,900+ Today

60 Offices in 31 countries with 1,900+ global talents

People are what our business is based on and we continue to engage with clients, partners and audiences.