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Achieving international
media coverage

The challenge

World Hepatitis Summit, a joint World Hepatitis Alliance (WHA) and World Health Organisation (WHO) event would directly address the overwhelming global burden of viral hepatitis. With over 70 countries represented and with such varied understanding and experiences anticipated among 500 attendees, WHA/WHO sought to share learnings and practices in a new, highly engaging and multilingual format.

The summit needed to turn the wide panel of delegates, including government representatives, policy makers, hepatitis patients, researchers and carers, into ambassadors who would strengthen the hepatitis community voice, raise the global profile of viral hepatitis and help countries develop national hepatitis action plans.

The World Hepatitis Alliance were looking for an immersive experience to stimulate dialogue and generate valuable learning, content and debate, instead of simply presenting facts and figures. Their end goal was to attract widespread media coverage and help the organisers raise hepatitis awareness both in the UK and internationally.

Solutions & Results

MCI optimised the power of immersive experiences, proposing a live simulation exercise and gamification approach to capture the imagination and stimulate the emotions of participants.

Rather than relying on tried and tested methods, the team worked hard to creatively place the audience directly into the scenario by creating an innovative simulation of a disease outbreak.

  • Organisers hailed the National Planning Simulation a huge success engaging 100% of conference attendees.
  • This ‘first of a kind’ simulation has never before been achieved at such scale with over 8,650 interactions using digital tablets in just 3 hours.
  • The National Planning Simulation attracted widespread television, online and print media attention, helping to raise global awareness for hepatitis.

You listened attentively to our goals during the planning session and made suggestions to increase the impact by the use of tailor-made technology. You ran the show with utmost professionalism.

Dr. Hande Harmanci, Global Hepatitis Programme, WHO
  • 500 attendees
  • 16031_verzameling pictogrammen_annual report 8,650 interactions in 3 hours
  • 16031_verzameling pictogrammen_annual report 100% engagement
  • 16031_verzameling pictogrammen_annual report 8,000 Tweets