Event Design

Creating emotive experiences
to engage audiences

The Challenge

With an estimated 21,5 million onsite visitors and 1 billion online visitors, World Expo Milano 2015 was an unparalleled platform for the EU to advance global efforts on food quality, food safety and public health at all levels. MCI worked with the European Union (EU) to design, produce and operate the EU Pavilion Visitor Experience.

The Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission needed to create an innovative and emotive visitor experience to highlight the EU’s key role in the global challenge of feeding the planet and engage audiences in its vision. JRC hired MCI as a strategic partner to:

  • Help express the concept for the theme statement and pavilion.
  • Co-generate, design, produce and operate the EU Pavilion multimedia experience.
  • Help the EC communicate and market its participation in the Expo and build community around its vision.

Solutions & Results

Leveraging our creative solutions, sustainability insights and community building expertise, the MCI teams developed an emotive visitor experience
to inspire attendees in the EU vision to shape a fairer and more sustainable future for the planet.

From executive media production to marketing and communication, story supervision, technical implementation and operations, MCI’s overall project management ensured the seamless delivery of key milestones. With the defined theme, MCI designed a 1,900 square metre exhibition space to engage visitors and created a short film titled “The Golden Ear”, guiding visitors through the experience with a personal touch.

The EU theme statement “Growing Europe’s Future Together for a Better World” and the pavilion experience, launched in July 2014, gained extensive regional and international media coverage.

Throughout our work together, we’ve been impressed by MCI’s ability to communicate with the public, expressing complex messages in an emotional, entertaining and accessible way.

David Wilkinson, Commissioner General to the World Exhibition in Milan 2015
  • 21,5 million onsite visitors
  • 16031_verzameling pictogrammen_annual report 1 billion online visitors
  • 16031_verzameling pictogrammen_annual report 1,900 square metre exhibition
  • 16031_verzameling pictogrammen_annual report 52,000 Tweets